Doctors reveal how they feel about anti-vaxxers in scathing TV segment

Doctors reveal how they feel about anti-vaxxers in scathing TV segment

Doctors have revealed their frustration with people who do not want the coronavirus vaccine in a scathing new video.

In a clip made for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, doctors responded to polls showing that one in four American do not plan to get inoculated and ruthlessly mocked those who are susceptible to coronavirus misinformation online.

Taking a line from the script each, the doctors and medical professionals said:

“My life is spent trying to improve and save yours. Oh, but you read something on Facebook? Your friend from high school who sells jewellery? She posted it? The one who’s 53 and still builds dolls houses?

“You heard what?” they continued, referencing people who get information on social media. “On whose podcast? Is he a doctor? No? Scientist? No? Can he name one of the ingredients in the vaccine? Can he point to his glabella? Then tell him to shut the f**k up.”

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It comes after the results of a poll about vaccine hesitancy in the US were released, making for some uncomfortable reading. As well as one in four being adamantly against the vaccine, another 5% said they were “undecided” about whether they would get the shot, and the numbers were highest for Republican men and residents of rural areas.

Vaccine misinformation spreads online faster than it can be curbed, on podcasts, blogs and social media and organisations dedicate vital time and resource into stamping it out.

People on social media found the doctors’ clip funny and useful:

And the doctors message didn’t end there. They said: “Remember that polio shot we gave your kid and then your kid not getting polio? Well those two things are related. You do your job, I’ll do mine. Get the vaccine.”

“Grow the f**k up and get the vaccine. And tell you friend on Facebook to stick to jewellery.”

We hear you, doctors.

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