The coronavirus outbreak is worrying for everyone. But people being kept inside has resulted in some positive effects for the surrounding environment.

Pollution levels have dropped above northern Italy as factories have been forced into lockdown and air pollution in London has reportedly dropped due to the amount of people working from home.

Although the lack of tourists around the world have forced animals in places like Thailand and Japan to forage for their own food, in Venice, Italy the world-famous canals have miraculously become so clear again that you can actually see the fish for the first time in decades.

Images of the canals have been widely shared on social media and people, especially those that have visited the city are astonished at what they have seen.

It's not just fish that have been spotted in the city again. Dolphins, swans and even wild boars (which are actually in Sardinia) have begun to reclaim their place in the world.

Meanwhile, this is what it looks like in Venice, one of the biggest tourist destinations in Italy, from a human perspective.

At the time of writing, Italy remains on lockdown after confirming more than 31,000 cases and 2,503 deaths.

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