This American woman is crowdfunding to become to a British citizen because of Trump

Mimi Launder
Tuesday 26 June 2018 09:00
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For one woman, Donald Trump has gotten so unbearable that she is crowdfunding to get away from him.

American Kate Laine-Toner is pooling together cash through GoFundme in a bid to get British citizenship after moving to the UK to marry in 2001.

Her splintering allegiance to her country began when, heartbroken, she watched Donald Trump take office from across the pond.

Kate, who has a disabled son, found Trump controversially mocking a disabled reporter during his presidential campaign "archaic and damaging". Likewise, his false claims that vaccines and autisms are linked made Kate "sad for patriotic Americans like my father that this entirely unqualified and ignorant is running the country".

But the final straw for Kate was Trump's recent zero-tolerance, now-reversed policy to prosecute every adult discovered illegally entering the US in a new and tougher crack down on illegal immigration, forcing children separate from their parents and sparking global outrage.

The treatment of immigrants shocked and sickened me. I could not believe that Trump had the power to push people to barbarianism.

Once someone crosses that line (e.g., separating a child from its parent/s and putting that child in a chain link box), where is the next line? Where is the boundary?

This flipped a switch for me.

So, Kate launched a fundraiser to meet the £1,300 required to apply for naturalisation to become a British citizen.

After founding Bristol Autism Support in 2012, where Kate volunteers to help support families of autistic children, funds are thin. But Kate is well onto her goal already, which she finds "incredibly heartwarming", and any excess cash will go to her organisation.

She told indy100 she feels more British than she does American:

The immigration situation is only one reason for wanting to become a British citizen. 

I am a very low-paid charity worker. I could not do this work in the US. I would have to get a job with a company that would pay for my health insurance. My daughter is autistic and has other health needs. I could not afford to live there. Setting all that aside, I love England and feel British. My daughter and husband are British.

I love living here and would find it very hard to ‘repatriate’ if I were to move back.

You can donate to Kate's fund here.

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