Tory MP says Brexit plans are 'unfair' to his constituents, even though 60% of them voted for it
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Tory MP Damian Green just tried to claim that building a Brexit customs centre in his constituency is "unfair" to local residents, even though they voted to leave the EU.

Green said he is "strongly opposed" to the government's plan to convert a 27 acre plot of land into a holding spot for up to 10,000 lorries because it is "unfair to Ashford".

He added that the development, which the government hopes will alleviate pressure on Dover and reduce delays around the port, will be "too near too many homes" for it to be in the right place.

Green told the Kentish Express:

I am strongly opposed to this, and have told ministers this. 

No-one has suggested using this site as a lorry park in the many years of discussions on the subject, and it is too near too many homes for it to be the right place.

I think this would be hugely disruptive for everyone in the area, and we have had no indication in all the years of discussion over the M20 that this site would be used for this purpose.

But while Green might oppose the 'disruptive' development, it should hardly surprise him.

Almost 60 per cent of his Kent constituency voted to leave the EU in 2016.

Although they were sympathetic to the 40 per cent of voters who wanted to remain in the EU, people couldn't help but to point out that Ashford is getting what it voted for.

59.4 per cent of Ashford voted to leave the EU, higher than the the national average of 52 per cent.

But the government has faced serious criticism for moving in on the land, once named Stour Park but now named MOJO, too quickly.

Ashford Borough Council say that they were only given a few hours notice before the government announced that they had bought the land.

Work on MOJO began just days later, and could last up to two years. Local residents have been warned of potential disruption in the area.

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