David Cameron resigned as an MP and people are making all the jokes you'd expect

David Cameron resigned as prime minister back in July and now he's resigned as MP for Witney, which will force a by-election.

Cameron will have to say goodbye to that cushy green seat in the House of Commons, after he'd already said goodbye to the dispatch box.

The original resignation statement was nice.

It talked about “doing the right thing” and Cameron’s fear that he’ll become a “distraction” for the government, and given Brexit, Theresa May definitely doesn't need any distractions...

Some people were generally sad to see him go

Others were reminded of happier times, when Cameron defended the EU with the plea that “Brits don’t quit.”

Seems rather awkward now, doesn't it?

But then...

The incredibly obvious happened.


It just



Suffice to say, David Cameron will probably be batting away the pig jokes for the rest of his life.

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