As Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour leader, was finalising the line-up of his shadow cabinet on Sunday evening it emerged that all the senior roles on the front bench would be going to men.

The left-wing MP for Islington North, so unexpectedly announced as the party's new leader on Saturday, had stated that he wanted his shadow cabinet to be evenly split between men and women.

And while the likes of Angela Eagle (business) and Heidi Alexander (health) have been given front bench roles, the two leadership jobs and three leading ministers of state roles are all taken by men.

Leader: Jeremy Corbyn

Deputy leader: Tom Watson

Shadow chancellor: John McDonnell

Shadow home secretary: Andy Burnham

Shadow foreign secretary: Hilary Benn

The new look (old look) shadow cabinet hasn't gone down particularly well among some Labour MPs. Diana Johnson, MP for Hull North, had this to say:

It also resulted in Corbyn having this "long walk of silence" where he refused to answer questions about the make-up of his shadow cabinet when questioned by journalists:

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