Dog steals Russian journalist’s microphone in ‘hilarious’ TV mishap

Liam O'Dell@LiamODellUK
Saturday 03 April 2021 17:08

A live weather forecast has gone viral online after a dog gatecrashed the broadcast and stole the microphone from the reporter.

Russian journalist Nadezhda Serezhkina, from the broadcaster Mir TV, was interrupted by the cheeky canine after it leapt up and grabbed the striped device out of her hands.

According to cameraman Dimitri Lotovski on Twitter, Serezhkina can then be heard pleading with the pup to “stop” and “come here”, as she chases it across the bridge where she was giving the report.

After the camera operator follows the reporter’s pursuit, the broadcast cuts back to a startled presenter in the studio.

“It seems we’ve lost connection with our reporter. We will attempt to get in touch with her again,” she is reported to have said.

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The clip was shared by fellow journalist Ali Özkök on Friday, with Twitter users throwing their support behind the mischievous mutt:

Others, given the video’s location, questioned whether it was part of a much more secretive operation:

Some users, meanwhile, commented on the professionalism of Serezhkina’s colleagues, with the camera operator quick to capture the escapade and the studio presenter refusing to crack a smile:

The dog was revealed to be called Martin. According to the dog’s owner, he was attracted to the brightly coloured piece of equipment, thinking it was a toy.

In a follow-up tweet, Özkök revealed that Serezhkina was able to retrieve her stolen microphone from the dog – albeit with some bite marks visible at the top of it.