Dominic Cummings best Twitter moments after he leaves the platform 'for a while'

Dominic Cummings best Twitter moments after he leaves the platform 'for a while'
Dominic Cummings calls Boris Johnson a ‘joke’ following MP report into Covid ...

Dominic Cummings is off Twitter - for now.

In an email sent to fans of his blog, Boris Johnson's former advisor said he was off because the app is "appalling for politics and intolerable during a war." Fair enough.

"I’ve experimented a bit with Twitter to see how it’s changed since 2016 and to push certain memes," he said. "The experiment is over for a while at least."

Goodbye, Cummings, you will be missed by the social media platform and everyone addicted to it. Not least because your presence there birthed these amusing moments:

1. When Partygate wasn't dramatic enough for him

In February, the Mirror got their hands on another image of Boris Johnson at an alleged lockdown breaching party and people weren't impressed.

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Cummings wasn't impressed either, but not because of the idea that people who made coronavirus rules may have broken them, but because the photos weren't titillating enough.

"There's waaaaay better pics than that floating around, incl in the flat," he claimed.

Let's have a look at them, then!

2. When he launched his 'ask me anything' series and got immediately roasted

Last year, Cummings relaunched his blog and started asking people to 'ask him anything' like an influencer between nail appointments.

People found it pretty funny and immediately trolled him on everything from his Barnard Castle scandal to who he reckons would win in various hypothetical fights.

3. When he supported Britney Spears

By last summer we were used to Cummings slagging off Johnson, Matt Hancock, the general media, and everything within a one mile radius of Westminster.

But we were taken aback when Dom came out in support of musician Spears when she was fighting against her conservatorship.

He even used the 'Free Britney' hashtag.

4. Calling Boris Johnson "trolley"

Cummings nicknamed his old boss "trolley" and came up with some delightful imagery of him crashing around supermarket aisles to go with it.

He has mocked Johnson on Twitter using this flattering comparison on numerous occasions, including when Hancock resigned for you know what.

5. When he roasted Sajid Javid

Speaking of Hancock, Cummings didn't have many good things to say about his successor either. After Javid was appointed to the job, he tweeted in response: “So Carrie appoints Saj! NB If I hadn’t tricked PM into firing Saj, we’d have had a HMT with useless SoS/spads, no furlough scheme, total chaos instead of JOINT 10/11 team which was a big success. Saj = bog standard = chasing headlines + failing = awful for NHS.”

Need a translation? He was saying Johnson’s wife Carrie Symonds was responsible for getting her friend and former boss Javid back onto the frontbenches.

His relationship with Javid was never smooth sailing so it is no surprise he called him "bog standard", but it isn't exactly flattering.

Cummings will continue spouting his views via his blog, he said. We look forward to it.

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