#MeToo has become the defining movement of the Trump presidency.

So far, Trump’s interventions into the movement have been opportunistic at best, and downright offensive at worst. Defending men accused of abusing women, Trump has frequently cast doubt on alleged victims of abuse.

This time, Trump has expressed how “unfair” it is to “bring up” accusations from 20 years ago. Trump’s statement came in defence of his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct, most notably from California professor Dr Christine Blasey Ford.

Though he could also be referencing accusations against him, which he denies, that date back several decades.

Yet, as with so many things Trump says, there’s a glaring inconsistency.

On the eve of the second presidential debate with his 2016 election rival Hillary Clinton, Trump held a press conference with several women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

So it seems Trump had no problem believing these accusers, even though they date back several decades.

Surprise, surprise.

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