American man turned Donald Trump’s tweets into ‘flip flops’


One man decided to protest Donald Trump and his controversial tweets by putting some of the most shocking things he’s said on bright red flip flops.

Artist Sam Morrison launched the President Flip Flops project, which sees some of the US president’s most egregious tweets printed onto sliders.

Sure, why not?

The 27-year-old photographer and artist, in Los Angeles, started selling the flip flops in 2017 through his website

‘I wanted to highlight the hypocrisy,’ he told Business Insider.

The flip flops, which retailed at $27.99 (£22.17) have completely sold out.

Morrison had three sections, based on some of Trump’s favourite subjects: Electoral College, Syria (recently) and sources.

One pair of Electoral College flip flops had the US president’s contrary tweets about it.

And Syria.

And 'sources'.

Sigh. He makes it so easy.

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