'Has Donald Trump never been around a horse before?'

That's what many people on Twitter were asking when the president inexplicably and dangerously patted a horse on the backside outside the White House.

The horse was part of a pair that pulled a carriage carrying a Christmas tree up to the front of the prestigious building on Monday.

Both Trump and first lady Melania went to greet the horses and the drivers of the carriage, first shaking the two gentlemen's hands and then giving the animal a gentle stroke on its rear end.

Footage of Trump's affectionate touching of the animal was captured by journalist Aaron Rupar and soon went viral.

If you've played Red Dead Redemption 2 you'll be more than aware of how easily horses can lash out if approached from behind, and Trump was lucky that this didn't happen to him.

Others made the rather obvious analogy of Trump's history of touching women inappropriately.

There were a few references to Stormy Daniels.

Other jokes literally wrote themselves.

HT Huffington Post

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