Toru Hanai/Pool Photo via AP

The President is on his 12-day-tour of Asia, and footage of him vigorously feeding fish has become a meme.

On a visit to Tokyo's Akasaka palace, accompanied by Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, President Donald Trump took a moment to feed a pond filled with beautiful koi fish.

Picture: TORU HANAILAURENT FIEVET,TORU HANAI/AFP/Getty ImagesPresident Trump and Prime Minister Abe feed the koi ((Picture: TORU HANAILAURENT FIEVET,TORU HANAI/AFP/Getty Images)

Both Abe and Trump began the photo opportunity by spooning out fish food, before losing patience and tossing their boxes full of the stuff into the water.

Picture: Toru Hanai/Pool Photo via APPicture: Toru Hanai/Pool Photo via AP

These photos of President's feeding frenzy quickly went viral.

This is all despite the fact that the President was simply following the lead of the Prime Minister.

Though there was still a difference in style that makes Trump's a meme, and Abe is just an old Japanese man feeding koi.

The President upturned it like he's looking for the toy he was promised at the bottom of the cereal box.

Abe went for a sort of gentle lob.

The fact that Twitter shared the cut down version of this clip, has been seized upon by conspiracy theorists as more proof of 'Fake News'.

While it is true that President Trump was following the Prime Ministers' lead, the reason it went viral is perhaps that it spoke to the brash, crass, anti-political establishment motif that the Trump Administration has so richly cultivated.

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