Donald Trump, business magnate and consistently entertaining presidential hopeful, has been in hot water recently over some of his more bigoted views.

The man Jon Stewart not so affectionately dubbed F--kface von Clownstick wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico if elected president, so Mexican people will "start behaving" - and has said that Mexicans emigrating to the US are rapists.

His comments have drawn widespread criticism and some companies have cut ties with the mogul, including NBC, Macy's and the Univision Spanish-language television network.

So it was more than a little awkward, then, when someone on Twitter pointed out that some of Trump's own merchandise is made in the country he claims is such a drain on American resources:

Ganesha Delgadillo, an 8-year-old in San Antonio, Texas, summed up Trump's hypocrisy best in a message for him uploaded on YouTube.

Hey Donald Trump, you don’t deserve to be president of this country, you don’t even deserve to be president of your own company, because Mexicans are the ones that build your buildings, Mexicans are the ones that cut your grass, Mexicans are the ones that sanitise your buildings, Mexicans are the ones who do what you can't do, so why don't you shut your mouth and respect us!

Delgadillo for President, 2024!

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