This clip of Trump not being able to pronounce Venezuela will make your day

This clip of Trump not being able to pronounce Venezuela will make your day

Donald Trump delivered a speech recently about the turmoil unfolding in Venezuela, and in the midst of the serious topic, viewers brought some levity to the situation by pointing out that he can’t pronounce the country’s name.

In the speech, delivered to a crowd in Miami, Trump called for the military to abandon the president, Nicolas Madura, and called him a “Cuban puppet.”

During the speech, he repeatedly mispronounced and slurred the word “Venezuela.” At one point in can be heard saying “Venewella,” and at another point he is almost saying the country’s name with a soft “V.”

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar shared the clip on Twitter.

What followed was a swift and humorous take-down of the US president

James Corden even did a comedy skit about it

This isn’t the first time the US president has struggled with names of foreign countries.

Talking about reporting Donald Trump’s intelligence briefings for Time, national security correspondent John Walcott revealed:

There are a combination of things. The first one is the president’s ignorance. That goes to the point of thinking that Nepal and Bhutan – which incidentally he also mispronounced a 'nipple' and 'button' – are part of India, which they’re not.

Deadly clashes have broken out in Venezuelan border towns as president Maduro blocked humanitarian aid from crossing from Colombia and Brazil, with at least two people killed with what human rights groups said was live ammunition.

In the speech, Donald Trump claimed “the evils” of socialism were being turned back in Cuba And Nicaragua, and that the US will never be a socialist country.

He said: “There will be no going back. Venezuela is leaving socialism, the dictatorship, and there is no turning back.”

The time has come for the farewell to the socialism of our hemisphere, not only in Venezuela, but also in Nicaragua and Cuba.

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