Bernie Sanders trolled Donald Trump and the internet once again felt the bern

Composite: Getty Images / Twitter

Donald Trump responded to something he didn't love by lashing out with... Yes you guessed it, a tweet.

Pause for reaction.

Many Hollywood actors and directors decided to swap their annual Oscars party for a demonstration, showing solidarity with refugees and, in turn, protesting the Presidents controverial immigration policies.

We're assuming that the Tweeter-in-Chief is still reading some FAKE NEWS, because he reacted with:

People quickly made the obvious connection between Trump's ill-advised tweet and his own poorly-attended inauguration rally.

But nobody steps up to the plate like Senator Bernie Sanders...

The tweet does not end in a -B, so it's unclear whether it was Sanders or a staff member who composed it.

Nevertheless, it's from his official account (which has over 4 million followers) and it's brilliant.

That bird clearly taught him the best way to tweet...

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