People have noticed something strange about Trump's tweet at Billy Graham's funeral

Photo/Andrew Harnik/AP/Twitter

On Friday, President Donald Trump attended the funeral of the late Reverend Billy Graham in North Carolina.

Graham passed away last week aged 99 and is credited as one of the key figures in the Evangelical Christian movement in America and became known as "America's pastor".

The ceremony was held at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, with Trump and Melania being among the 2,000 people in attendance.

Previous Presidents such as George W Bush and Bill Clinton have spoken about the influence that Graham had on their lives, but Trump was the only living POTUS at the event.

Although he didn't speak at the ceremony, Trump did pay tribute to Graham, who was a member of the Democrat party, in a tweet.

This might seem like a fairly normal tweet, even for Trump's standards, but on closer inspection, it is a little odd.

For starters, why are he and Melania beaming bright smiles at a funeral, while others, including Mike Pence, would appear reserved and respectful?

Secondly, why did he have to write "REST IN PEACE BILLY GRAHAM!" in capital letters with an added exclamation mark? These odd facts didn't escape folks on Twitter.

Others felt that having pictures taken at a funeral, with the casket in the shot, wasn't exactly the best idea.

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