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To put it bluntly, Donald Trump and Melania Trump have a seemingly awkward relationship.

The couple has had more than a few odd interactions during Trump's Presidency and it's possible that she looks happier with other Presidents, like Barack Obama.

Recently, the First Lady returned to the White House after a spell in the hospital where she underwent kidney surgery.

To announce her return home Trump took to Twitter to say that "Melania is feeling and doing really well."

Or should we say, "Melanie"?

Amazingly, in a now-deleted tweet, Trump managed to spell the name of his wife, who he has been married to since 2005, incorrectly.

Picture: Twitter/ Donald J. Trump

The tweet was quickly removed and replaced with another tweet that came complete with the correct spelling.

Unfortunately for Donald, the Internet noticed his mistake and wasn't prepared to let him forget about it in a hurry.

We're not sure if this is worse or better than the now infamous covfefe tweet, but we are glad both of them exist in the world.

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