Namibia is using Trump's alleged sh**hole comments in the best possible way

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As the old saying goes "where there's a problem, there's an opportunity".

That's the exact mentality that the country of Namibia has adopted after Donald Trump's alleged "sh**hole" comments last week.

In case you missed that small bit of news, a number of sources claimed the President called nations like Haiti, El Salvador and parts of Africa "sh**hole countries" during a closed White House meeting about immigration.

Trump has since denied the comments and claimed to a journalist that he is the "least racist person you'll ever interview".

This hasn't stopped people staging protests against what Trump allegedly said but the tourist board of Namibia has taken things a step further.

The Gondwana Collection tourism group is using Trump as an unofficial ambassador for Namibia in their latest advert for the country.

Using a Trump impersonator, the video sees the President endorse the many attractions of Namibia while using the word "sh**hole" over and over again.

Warning: There is obviously some strong language in this video

The clip highlights the many amazing sights and experiences you can find in Namibia; including Lake Oshikoto, large nature reserves, and picturesque holiday lodges.

It has now been viewed over 300,000 times on YouTube, since being uploaded last week.

This isn't the first time that Namibia has taken an opportunity to mock Trump. In September 2017, the President referred to them as "Nambia" and another hilarious, satirical video was born.

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