Local authorities have fun on Twitter with ‘#EuropeanSuperLeague of Councils’

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A number of local authorities in the UK made light of the European Super League controversy on social media with their own “#EuropeanSuperLeague of Councils” debate.

The humorous Twitter discussion was sparked by Doncaster Council which tweeted: “We are delighted to announce we are one of the founding members of the ‘#EuropeanSuperLeague of Councils.

“We have signed up alongside Barcelona Council, Milan Council and Handforth Parish Council to this elite group.”

The tweet also included a picture which decreed the champion would be the recipient of a “new Highways line-painting machine”.

It added: “We remain fully committed to our domestic duties in South Yorkshire but are excited for this new future.”

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Other councils got in on the act with faux indignation regarding their omission from the fantasy competition.

Canterbury City Council replied with its own impressive trophy cabinet, citing “three @UNESCO world heritage sites including @No1Cathedral and so much more!”

Meanwhile East Riding Council commented: “Is it a #EuropeanSuperLeague without the @apsenews Council of the Year 2020?”

St Helens Borough Council wheeled out the big guns, referring Doncaster to local Super League titles in rugby.

“Think you’re forgetting about adding the home of the REAL @SuperLeague 2019 and 2020 champions @Saints1890 to that league…” they wrote.

“We’ll forgive you if we can have first crack at Barcelona!”

Swindon Borough Council felt that it deserved a chance at the line-painting machine, replying: “We have just as much right to compete for the highways line-painting machine as you do.”

But Dorset Council declared that it did not need the prize, tweeting a picture of the Cerne Abbas Giant.

“Luckily we don’t need the prize. Our county already has some outstanding white lines to be proud of!” it tweeted.

And while plenty of councils boasted of their qualities, Shropshire Council revealed a potentially game-changing weapon in its arsenal.

“We stand firmly with @SwindonCouncil on this – don’t come crying to us when you’re not allowed in next season’s Councilbao Cup,” it tweeted.

“Besides, @jackieweaver is from Shropshire. Sure she will back us up.”

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