Dunkin' Donuts employee fired for rude note on homeless woman's cup

Brian Garry/ Facebook

A Dunkin' Donuts employee in America was fired after a cruel message he wrote on a homeless person’s cup went viral.

Seeing a homeless woman outside the restaurant in Cincinnati, a customer went inside to buy her a drunk.

The employee, who made the coffee, left the following note written on the side:

Stop hangin’ in front of the store if you have a full-time job. – Mgmt. [sic]

A photo of the cup and message were uploaded on Facebook, and though the original post was deleted, the message was shared through screengrabs.

Mike Benhase, the owner of the location, confirmed to the Cincinnati Enquirer that the employee involved was not a manager and no longer works for the company.

He said:

It goes against everything we stand for. We’re just a small family business and we preach to our employees long and hard about the values of respect and dignity.

I feel bad for that person. I would very much like the chance to reach out to the person and apologise for what happened.

The viral posts received lots of traction online and people expressed shock and disgust at the way the homeless person was treated.

One wrote: "Homeless people are people too just down on their luck for some reason or another, sending prayers for this person 'cause there is no excuse for this."

Another wrote:

There is a nicer way of handling this kind of situation and it’s not writing on a cup.

indy100 has contacted Dunkin' Donuts for comment.

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