An actor dressed up as a woman. What he saw changed him forever

Belail Productions/CNN/YouTube

An actor posed as a woman on the streets of Cairo in order to catch on tape the misogyny and sexual harassment most women receive on a daily basis.

In coordination with Belail Productions and private channel ONTV, reporters disguised male actor Waleed Hammad as a woman, and secretly filmed his interactions with men on the street.

Speaking to CNN, the actor described the range of comments he received.

It's like you're under a microscope... Some of them were mild like 'Hey pretty face' or something... or in very sugar coated way 'Let's have some fun', 'I want to sleep with you tonight'.

Hammad then described one man who followed him for forty-five minutes, before eventually grabbing him.

Yeah, I didn't know what he was going to do. At the end he's looking right into my eyes like 'You have to give me your number. You have to let me take you out'.

The experiment was one segment of news programme The Thread, which was addressing harrassment of women in Egypt.

Video of the segment involving Hammad was picked up by CNN who reported it here:

According to Ynetnews, Hammad, dressed in a head veil, was offered $4,000 USD for work as a prostitute.

While the video was made in 2013, it has resurfaced on YouTube this week and been shared by thousands.

The subject matter remains relevant three years since the reporting was conducted, and not just in Cairo.

Hammad concluded:

I as a man, I cannot imagine living my life like that every single day.

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