Fury over suggested solution to empty shelves across America: ‘Lower your expectations’

Fury over suggested solution to empty shelves across America: ‘Lower your expectations’

Twitter erupted into fury after an article from The Washington Post suggested that people lower their “expectations” about the solution to empty shelves across America.

Within the article, the author noted that American’s have “high expectations of speedy service” and convenience with “easy access” to products. But now, it is getting to a state of decline.

In Washington, D.C., earlier this week, attention was shifted to the US supply chain, as an increasing number of Americans reported difficulty finding essential products and other things linked to the holiday season.

The flow of goods in the nation is now receiving rare national attention as news agencies have shown startling images of dozens of cargo ships backed up off the coasts of some of the country’s largest ports.

These problems have been going on for months, with many being linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Experts suggest things are getting worse as the US is slated for the most extensive retail surge this year.

There are issues affecting almost every stage of the supply chain sector, from manufacturing to retail.

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Labour shortages are high on the list, which directly impacts both retail and grocery stores and companies that aid the shipping system. Some have even escalated the training process to compensate for it. The White House even stepped in to urge industries to work 24/7 if they haven’t done so already to aid in the supply pipeline.

As a result of what’s continuing to happen, The Washington Post story also suggested that consumers should do themselves “a favour by lowering their expectations“ due to the shortage.

And some people weren’t too pleased with the idea.

Check it out below.

Others were in support, wondering why some think the US is bad, as evidenced by this tweet:

The White House also noted that more action is required across the US cargo sectors.

Speaking in an address on Wednesday, Biden called on companies, which included retailers and shipping companies, to “step up as well,” indicating that their goods need to get to their destinations in an ample amount of time.

“We need to invest in making more of our products right here in the United States...Never again should our country and our economy be unable to make critical products we need because we don’t have access to materials to make that product,” Biden said.

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