Trump's son Eric says 'we weren't smart enough' to collude with Russia

<p>Eric Trump, the son of ex-president Donald Trump</p>

Eric Trump, the son of ex-president Donald Trump

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Throughout Donald Trump’s time as president, one issue most people were concerned with was his insufficient expertise in politics and international affairs.

For the former reality TV host, the criticism was valid and led to a chaotic time in the White House.

And, as it turns out, the call also came from inside the house, that is—Trump’s own son didn’t seem to think he was that smart either.

In an interview with Jay Cutler, Eric Trump said his family was too politically inexperienced to have committed any of the crimes his father has been accused of in the past.

A guest on Cutler’s podcast, “Uncut,” Trump admitted that he and his family had minimal knowledge of American politics during Trump’s 2016 run. He also said they were worried about how to get people to vote and root for his father over his more experienced rivals, per Business Insider.

But the former president’s son took issue with one theory specifically: Russian collusion in the 2016 US election.

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"We weren't smart enough to collude with Russia," Trump reportedly laughed. "We didn't know what the hell we were doing. We didn't know what a delegate was."

During the Russia investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller did indeed find extensive contacts between the Trump campaign and people linked to the Russian government. Ultimately, after two years of ongoing investigations, not enough proof or evidence to corroborate claims of collusion or conspiracy was found—closing the case in 2019.

Eric Trump also further joked about his inexperience by sharing an anecdote from the Iowa caucuses: "Jay, I remember walking up to a caucus in Iowa saying, you know, I looked at this young staffer and I go, 'Hey, do you know what a caucus is?'"

While Eric has (as of now) maintained that he has no interest in pursuing a political career of his own, his wife, Lara, teased a run for the US Senate seat in North Carolina in 2022, though she ultimately decided not to run.

Currently, he serves as executive vice president of the Trump Organization.

Online, people had doubts about the legitimacy of Eric Trump’s claims that his family was clueless about the aid of Russian interference.

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