Eurotunnel Covid warning calling Brits ‘3rd country citizens’ sparks fresh Brexit debate

Confusion has erupted over a tweet posted by Eurotunnel telling Brits who live in the EU that they can no longer travel through France because of new Covid restrictions.

On Wednesday Eurotunnel posted an urgent warning on Twitter telling Brits that “unless they hold French residency, British citizens are now considered 3rd country citizens and can no longer transit France by road to reach their country of residence in the EU.”

This comes after French president Emmanuel Macron introduced new Covid laws to help stop the spread of the new Omicron variant.

However, there appears to have been some confusion on this issue as the French Interior Ministry have reportedly confirmed that any British travellers with the correct documentation would be able to travel through France, and that anyone with ‘compelling reasons’ such as travelling to a home in an EU country would be able to make the journey.

The tweet has ignited debate on social media with many people labelling the ban on Brits travelling through France a result of Brexit and not the pandemic.

The French ambassador to the UK, Catherine Colonna, confirmed on social media that “under the current rules a compelling reason is required to enter France.”

France’s new Covid laws makes mask-wearing on the streets of Paris mandatory from Friday with a €135 Euro fine being issued to those that don’t comply.

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