Even as France mourns, its commitment to refugees remains intact

A state of emergency remains in place in France, which is calling for a suspension of Europe's open borders Schengen Agreement as it mourns the victims of Europe's worst terrorist attack in ten years and steps up its bombing campaign upon Isis in response.

But, one thing has not changed.

François Hollande said yesterday that France would continue to take its quota of Syrian refugees - having promised earlier this year that his country would welcome 30,000 people over the next two years.

That is even despite possible evidence that one of last Friday's attackers had entered Greece as a 'fake refugee' last month.

The only link between terrorism and refugees from the Middle East was that the latter were fleeing "the same people who are attacking us today", he said. Mr Hollande acknowledged that "tragic events" had "sown doubts" in some people's minds.

But he called it a "humanitarian duty" to help the refugees.

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