Right-wingers are absolutely furious about being 'forced' to wear face masks in shops

As of 24 July, it will be mandatory to wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets across England.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in the House of Commons on Tuesday:

[It will] give people more confidence to shop safely and enhance protections for those who work in shops.

Rule-breakers can face a fine of up to £100, but there are some exemptions for children under 11 and people with certain disabilities.

The announcement came about after Scotland introduced mandatory face coverings as of 10 July and have recorded no new coronavirus-related deaths for the sixth day in a row.

While a recent YouGov poll conducted on Monday found that 60 per cent of people support making face coverings mandatory, 34 per cent think they should be optional.

And the people against mandatory face masks in shops have been very vocal about it on social media.

One called the move an ‘impingement on our basic freedoms’:

While another – who lists “Brexit supporter” in their bio – said “we must resist” the new measure:

While another slammed Boris Johnson as a “tyrant” who wants everyone to be “muzzled like dogs”:

And one said they won’t be going to shops anymore:

Tory voters enraged by the new announcement also took to social media to cut up their membership cards:

But many, who are in favour of the new measure, wondered why it’s not being enforced immediately:

In related news, a recent study found Brexiteers are less likely to be worried about coronavirus...

According to the survey commissioned by LBC and run by Deltapoll, Remainers were more worried about kids going back to school, getting a haircut, going for a meal, going to the pub and taking a holiday after the lockdown eased on 4 July.

72 per cent of Remainers are concerned about going on holiday, compared with 64 per cent of Brexiteers.

So it turns out even this pandemic has long been political.

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