This Teen Vogue reporter is trying to copyright 'fake news' so Trump can't use it anymore

It's safe to say that use of the term "fake news" has reached cacophonous heights. Just like any other word that is said over and over again, it has ceased to hold any meaning.

Yet it's still damaging.

That's the point journalist Emily Bloch is trying to make by trademarking the term, which allows her to send a cease and desist letter to Donald Trump every time he uses it.

Spreading falsehoods and inciting hatred of an entire profession isn't really actionable, sadly, but infringing trademark is.

Writing for Teen Vogue, she explains that she doesn't really expect to be granted the trademark, but it's worth it anyway.

No one can really trademark a generic term like “fake news,” which started being used long before Trump even took office. What we do hope is that this idea is outrageous enough to get people to stop and think about what fake news is, and what it means to them.

It’s a joke. But it’s a joke with a point, and as any student of public discourse will tell you, a joke sometimes hits harder than the truth.

And if anyone accuses us of trolling the president, well, nothing else seems to work with him, so what do we have to lose?

Of course, the Trumpies were unimpressed, but everyone else enjoyed the joke.

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