Republican criticised for trying to blame under-staffed restaurants on stimulus payments
Rep David Rouzer

A sign posted outside of fast food restaurant has sparked a huge debate about the working conditions and low pay that many staff get at such facilities.

A picture, taken by Republican congressman David Rouzer, the representative of North Carolina’s 7th district, of a printed out sign at a Hardee’s who were advertising for staff as they were unable to open as they simply didn’t have anyone to work there.

The sign read: “Due to no staff we are closed. We are hiring. Call 910-298-5494. Thank you Hardees.”

The pandemic has compelled many Americans to not to return to work not out of fear of contracting Covid-19 but due to the handsome stimulus cheques they have received from the Biden administration.

At least that’s what Rouzer believes who along with posting the picture wrote: “This is what happens when you extend unemployment benefits for too long and add a $1400 stimulus payment to it.  Right when employers need workers to fully open back up, few can be found.”

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However, many people didn’t agree with Rouzer’s simplistic interpretation of the sign and began pointing out the man problems that fast-food workers have to go through just to make ends meet as well as working a job that doesn’t pay well. Also, $1,400 really isn’t that much money.

It remains unclear why this specific restaurant is struggling to find staff but this would appear to be a problem throughout the United States right now.

Just a few weeks ago a sign at McDonald’s restaurant went viral on TikTok after they admitted they were short-staffed.

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