Here’s the ‘best way’ to bag yourself a free upgrade to first class, according to a flight attendant

Here’s the ‘best way’ to bag yourself a free upgrade to first class, according to a flight attendant

Travelling first class without paying sounds like a dream come true. And if you follow this flight attendant’s tips, the dream could become a reality.

A TikTok user named Cierra ,who is also a dolphin trainer, took to the platform to share her insider secrets and they sound too good to be true.

She said: “Don’t tell anyone but there are a lot of ways to get free upgrades to first class.

“One of the easiest ways to get free upgrades is literally just being nice to your gate agent and fight attendant.

“The miracles we can work when we’re given some Starbucks or a bag of chocolates, especially those long days where we have back-to-back flights and don’t even have time to go get some food.”

She added another way in which people are moved – and not because the staff are “being nice”. She said: “Normally if our flight isn’t full, we have to move people for weight and balance purposes. That being said, normally all aircrafts are tail-heavy, so if we have to move people up to the front, where do you think we’re going to take them from? The back.”

The video racked up more than three million views as the flight attendant added a disclaimer to say: “These aren’t guaranteed to work; these are ways that I have known to work. Also, I post on behalf of MY views; not my company. That’s all.”

One person said: “Catch me carrying Starbucks cold brew for the flight attendant on my next flight.”

And another viewer who works as a member of cabin crew replied: “I’ve upgraded many people for free when oversold in coach. Always to people who are pleasant and nice to me. Yup, mostly that’s all it takes.”

Cierra said she would soon be uploading more videos with more tips to jump the queue.

TikToker and air hostess Kat Kamalani has also given similar tips to passengers. She said in a video last month: “Being a flight attendant is exhausting. You’re always in different time zones, waking up crazy hours, and dealing with angry customers.

“So I promise you, the next time you fly, if you want special treatment from the flight attendants this is all you have to do.”

She said small gestures – such as giving the workers a sweet treat or a Starbucks gift card – can make all the difference to an exhausted flight attendant.

She explains: “$5 Starbucks gift cards, it means the world to us when a customer gives us this.

“And if you don’t have gift cards, you can just pick up some candy bars, lip balm, anything and give them to your flight attendants.”

Time to brush up on our manners, fast. And if you want to watch Ciara share her tips yourself, you can do so here.

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