Florida woman files lawsuit against neighbour demanding a paternity test on five goats

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit demanding a paternity test on five goats she purchased from her neighbour.

Kris Hedstrom claims in the suit that she was under the impression that due to their pedigree the goats could be registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, which would give them a much higher monetary value.

Heather Dayner, who sold Hedstrom the goats, allegedly claimed that the goats' father was registered, but according to the Tampa Bay Times the association rejected Dayner's request to register the goats, due to her not being an active member.

Hedstrom is now requesting a DNA test to clarify the goats' paternity.

The five goats in question are named Bella, Gigi, Rosie, Zelda and Margoat.

Hedstrom wrote a letter in February requesting 40 hair follicles from the father goat, Country Caprese Ace, in February.

In response, Dayner reportedly offered to refund the $900 Hedstrom paid for the Nigerian dwarf goats in December.

She also claims that Hedstrom spent three months calling the police on her, leading the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy to visit the property at least three times in the spring.

Dayner says she received a message Hedstrom in March that read "don't ever contact me again", and heard nothing else until the suit was filed this month.

The case is said to go to court next month, where Deyner plans to represent herself.

She told theTampa Bay Times that:

Between the trespassing and the constant harassment and the police officer, [Hedstrom] has been a nightmare of a neighbour.

Dayner, who runs Baxter Land Farm in Odessa, Florida, has been selling goats for 10 years.

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