Merseyside woman pens poem to mark 107th birthday

Woman pens poem for 107th birthday
Woman pens poem for 107th birthday

The oldest woman in FormbyMerseyside has written a poem to celebrate her 107th birthday.

Marjorie Hodnett, a resident at Formby Manor, celebrated her birthday on Thursday with a poem about her life and reaching the age milestone.

“I did not expect to reach 107, nor living in Formby and not in Devon Living there was like living in heaven. My room looked out on a wonderful view, I was never short of something to do,” lines of the poem read.


Debra Roose, home manager at Formby Manor, said: “Given that she is officially the oldest person in the local area, and is so keen to celebrate, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure the day is exactly what she wants.”

Born in Harlesden, London Mrs Hodnett taught a reception school class for 23 years in Devon before moving to Formby Manor.

She said: “Life is for living and I have enjoyed a long and very happy life, firstly in Devon and now here in Formby, where I couldn’t ask for a more lovely team of carers.

“I’m very happy to have reached 107 years of age and intend to celebrate with all of my family and friends with a super day to remember.

“I couldn’t let the moment go by without one of my poems which I will read to everyone on my big day.”

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