Fox News hosts praises CEO for firing 900 employees on Zoom: ‘I love this so much’

Fox News hosts praises CEO for firing 900 employees on Zoom: ‘I love this so much’

Ever since news broke that CEO Vishal Garg conducted a mass firing of 900 employees, people have largely criticized the decision, viewing it as inconsiderate and cruel.

But it turn out not everyone feels that way.

In fact, Garg might have even earned himself a new fan thanks to his latest actions.

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Outnumbered co-host Emily Compagno praise the CEO for orchestrating his the huge Zoom layoffs.

Compagno declared, “I loved this, actually. I loved this so much…. I love that for 900 people, he stayed safe and he let them know that their theft was no longer tolerated.”

She added: “So, for me, good riddance. And I feel bad that he’s now having to capitulate to the other execs at this company and apologize for it. Sorry guys, bye!”

“For all of them, they’re snowflakes. They’re probably Millennials and Zs. They need to learn work ethic.”

Her excitement on the topic actually left her colleagues a bit stunned, with former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany even uttering a ‘wow’.

None of that appeared to phase Compagno though as she continued to laugh and gleefully commented: “I loved it.”

It should be noted that since his controversial move, Garg has issued an apology on the website for the way he handled the events.

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Online, people reacted to Compagno’s apparent joy discussing the unemployment of 900 individuals.

“So now we are cheering layoffs on @FoxNews?” one Twitter user asked, adding: “How very … American of them.”

One said, “Emily Compagno should be fired herself… over zoom… so insensitive … typically #deplorable #foxnewssucks”

Another wrote, “This isn't news, it's entertainment. It's the WWF for political junkies who live in the privileged DC bubble.”

“Snowflake fake attorney @EmilyCompagno proves her lack of credentials to ever being a journalist as she does no research and tropes the company line that these people only worked 2 hours a day. Only on @FoxNews do scum like this celebrate people’s hardships. No humanity.”

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