Fox News host Tucker Carlson was given a real-time correction on his show on Tuesday night and he was certainly not thrilled.

Throughout his nightly show Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson repeatedly mispronounced the first name of Senator Kamala Harris, who earlier that evening was selected by presidential candidate Joe Biden to be his vice presidential nominee.

Richard Goodstein, a guest on the show who has served as an adviser to several Democratic presidential campaigns, called him out.

“This is something that will serve you and your fellow hosts on Fox,” Goodstein said. “Her name is pronounced ‘comma’ – like the punctuation mark – ‘la.’ Kamala.”

Instead of graciously correcting his mistake Carlson, who was visibly disturbed, said, “So what?”

Goodstein replied that pronouncing someone’s name correctly is “kind of a bare minimum” when it comes to showing respect.

“So I’m disrespecting her by mispronouncing her name unintentionally,” Carlson said angrily.

“So, it begins. You’re not allowed to criticise Kamala Harris, or Kamala Harris, or whatever,” he said, mispronouncing her name again.

“It’s not ‘whatever,’” Goodstein said.

“I love the idea that she’s immune from criticism,” he said, which is irrelevant to the issue.

Again dodging the point, he said, “On this show, nobody is immune from criticism. Our political leaders must be held to account. That’s our job.”

While it seems that Carlson’s job as a television presenter is to be able to pronounce politicians’ names correctly, some say it wasn't even really a mistake at all.

Paul Mooney tweeted that Carlson "often mispronounces names of people he doesn't like" and others on Twitter tended to agree.

Even so, most people just watched the encounter just to have "a good laugh" at Carlson's behaviour.

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