Kellyanne Conway's husband quotes article comparing Trump to Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars

Kellyanne Conway's husband quotes article comparing Trump to Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars

Of all the relationship's that have ever existed in Washington DC, that between George and Kellyanne Conway has to be the strangest.

Although Kellyanne serves as the counsellor to the president, George's public criticisms of Trump are well documented, and we can report that he is at it again.

Following Trump's bizarre speech declaring a national emergency on the US/Mexico border, George quote retweeted Henry Olsen's Washington Postcolumn, where Trump's speech giving ability was lambasted.

Conway chose to quote two sentences from the article, which bizarrely made reference the Star Wars characters Jar Jar Binks and Emperor Palpatine.

Even the modern tyrants whom the president ... praises demonstrate more facility with language and more attention to governing detail than does he.

To borrow from popular culture, Trump looks less like the sinister Emperor Palpatine and more like the hapless Jar Jar Binks.

Conway's sneaky dig at the president, which would have gone down well in the swamplands of Naboo and the Gungan City, was received very well on Twitter, gaining more than 4,000 retweets and 17,000 likes.

If you aren't quite up with your Star Wars prequel knowledge, Jar Jar Binks is possibly the single most despised character in the entire history of the franchise.

Essentially a comedy character, who is clumsy and speaks in a broken dialect, Binks is an alien who assists the Jedi's in the batter against the Trade Federation.

The character was so badly received that he was only given brief roles in the following films and significantly less dialogue. It was also accused of playing up to racial stereotypes.

Trump isn't all of those things, but we'd like to see how he would fair as a delegate to the Galactic Senate in the height of a clone war.

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