Angela Merkel is now the 'leader of the free world'


Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel – affectionately nicknamed “Mutti – has long been hailed the leader of Europe.

But now, thanks to Donald Trump, her place in the world has been further cemented - and she's had a massive promotion. Merkel is now being called the leader of the free world.

Yep - the title once reserved for Presidents of the US.

After Trump's first international trip - including his many blunders - the world has seemingly turned to Merkel for reassurance that we're not completely spiralling into self-annihilation.

Political analyst Joan Walsh said on MSNBC that “he defeated the first women president but he’s now made a woman the leader of the free world, because it’s Angela Merkel right now".

Merkel spoke out after the meeting of leaders, as a woman known for her rational manner and certainly not one for hyperbole, and said the EU must look after itself now, adding that the union can no longer 'completely depend' on the US or UK.

The Chancellor has spoken out against Trump’s announcement that the US will exit the Paris climate deal, vowing to work to “save our earth”.

She also spoke out strongly against Trump's Muslim ban back in January.

“This is what strong and stable actually looks like”, wrote Suzanne Moore in the Guardian. Calling Merkel an “extraordinary woman”.

And one Twitter user has pointed out, happily:

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