Girl fancies date's famous dad more than him

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What's the worst possible scenario you could envision on a first date?

One of you gets far too drunk? Someone is taken ill? There is an accident?

How about your date fancying your Dad more than you?

That's exactly what happened to Roman Kemp on a recent episode of Channel 4's First Dates.

Judging by that surname you've probably already guessed who his famous father is.

No, not Ross Kemp - actor and former Spandau Ballet member Martin Kemp.

Here is a visual aide in case you aren't too familiar with 80s synth pop groups and former Eastenders actors.

Picture: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Most people would be inclined to agree that Martin is a handsome devil but it's probably the last subject that Roman wanted to be discussing on his date.

It all started when the couple's waitress sussed who Roman's dad was and proclaims that Martin is "fit."

From there Roman is obliged to show his date just how "fit" his father is, and her reaction said it all.

Watch the full clip below:

Clearly this isn't the first time this has happened to Roman:

One thing I've had to deal with throughout my life is knowing that my dad is better looking than me.

Do you know how many girlfriends that have said 'you're dad is really fit?'

Do you know how much that sucks?

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