The right-wing radio personality, Glenn Beck has controversially called the pro-choice group, Planned Parenthood, racist and said that they have killed more people than the Ku Klux Klan.

The US conservative who is well known for his radio shows and television appearances is no stranger to outlandish comments about many groups within the US, unleashed his tirade against the sexual health care organisation in a recent broadcast on Blaze Media.

During his rant on Friday he called Planned Parenthood 'the most racist organisation out there' and in his eyes are worse than the KKK, a group renowned for lynching and murdering black people.

 [Planned Parenthood] is the most racist organisation our there. It is truly akin to slavery. It is — it is the same thing.

It is the most racist organisation out there and I think that includes the Klan. 

I mean, the Klan is more outspoken, but they haven’t killed as many people by any stretch of the imagination. 

They haven’t done anything to wipe out the black population like Planned Parenthood has done.

The 58-year-old's completely unfounded comments have been strongly condemned on social media.

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