GTA 6 fans can't believe 'beautiful' fact about new game

GTA 6 fans can't believe 'beautiful' fact about new game
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Grand Theft Auto 6 will likely be the biggest gaming release of all time, and with the GTA 6 trailer just around the corner, there's plenty of speculation on the internet as to what features the game will contain, and where the latest Rockstar Games blockbuster will be set.

As for the actual information, we know that the first trailer will release in early December thanks to a Rockstar Games post, but little more than that at this moment.

Fans believe they have cottoned onto another massive fact though - that it's frankly impossible for it to look any worse than its company predecessor, the legendary Red Dead Redemption 2 - hailed as one of the best looking games of all time.

In a post on Reddit, u/RogerRoger63358 issued a 'friendly reminder' that GTA VI will be superior in terms of graphical capabilities than RDR2:

As anyone who has played RDR2 with the best tech knows, that might be hard to believe - but considering that GTA6 will only build upon what Red Dead Redemption 2 achieved, the sky really is the limit when it comes to the technical capabilities of the new Grand Theft Auto instalment.

Fans replying to the thread also had a lot to say:

"RDR2 is the most beautiful open world in any game, IMO. I’ve never played a game that felt so alive and real. I literally can’t imagine what a step up in graphics would look like. I truly hope they just make the world feel as real and alive as it felt in RDR2," said u/LaysonFuton

"I will die on the hill that RDR2 is the greatest looking game of all time, for now," added u/KuntaWuKnicks, hinting at GTA6 surpassing RDR2.

"I thought that as well until Alan Wake 2 came out, it's just on another level. If GTA 6 is on par with that I'd be more than pleased," said u/JuiceMeSqueezeMe.

With developments on PC platforms coming since RDR2's release, as well as the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, GTA 6 really won't have an excuse NOT to be the best looking game of all time. That being said, even if it cannot achieve that, the game will have plenty to offer in terms of gameplay, humour and storytelling.

In other GTA news, leaks suggest that a female protagonist will lead GTA 6, in a first for the 3D instalments of the franchise. Fans are also using a 'moon theory' to guess the release date of GTA 6. Even more leaks suggest some new details about the gameplay of the new game.

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