These are the 15 happiest jobs in Britain

These are the 15 happiest jobs in Britain
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Glassdoor has revealed the UK’s top 15 jobs with the highest satisfaction ratings - and you might be surprised by their top picks.

Although professional ice-cream taste testing or being a doggie daycare owner may seem like the type of jobs that would rank highly on such lists, the real list is actually dominated by IT, human resources, and sales gigs.

The jobs website found that those working in education, tech, accounting, and legal are the happiest, whereas those working in transportation and logistics, hospitality, and healthcare reported the lowest satisfaction levels.

So which role topped the list?

The top job in terms of salary and satisfaction is a corporate recruiter role, according to analysis from Glassdoor’s Economic Research team. With a median base salary of £46,215, people in these roles also report a high level of job satisfaction (4.59 out of 5). Not too shabby.

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The next role is in HR management, where employees can pull in around £48,443, and the third top role is a full stack engineering gig, which pays around £47,320.

Here are the top 15, their satisfaction scores, and what the median salary is for each:

  1. Corporate Recruiter, 4.59, £46,215
  2. HR Manager, 4.39, £48,443
  3. Full Stack Engineer, 4.32, £47,320
  4. HR Business Partner, 4.3, £50,000
  5. UX Designer, 4.26, £46,382
  6. Front End Engineer, 4.23, £43,803
  7. Data Scientist, 4.2, £49,449
  8. Customer Success Manager, 4.18, £41,133
  9. Marketing Manager, 4.17, £47,320
  10. Mobile Engineer, 4.13, £51,443
  11. Java Developer, 4.09, £55,381
  12. Product Manager, 4.07, £60,656
  13. Enterprise Architect, 4.06, £73,898
  14. Data Engineer, 4.04, £50,198
  15. Sales Manager, 4.02, £47,320

Through their analysis, the team at Glassdoor found a few key ingredients for a satisfying job.

A good work-life balance, great company culture, clear senior leadership, and opportunities for learning and development are what make a role enjoyable. Surprisingly, pay and compensation have the least impact on employee satisfaction.

If seeing this list is making you feel a bit of FOMO, Glassdoor has shared a few tips on finding a job that could be more fulfilling.

They advise candidates to be selective and take the time to understand what isn’t working for them in their current roles.

Candidates should also consider what they’re passionate about, network, and carve out some time for effective job searching.

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