Farage brands Harry and Meghan as 'despicable' for their portrayal of Brexit

Farage brands Harry and Meghan as 'despicable' for their portrayal of Brexit
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Nigel Farage has weighed in on the Harry and Meghan discourse, branding them "despicable" for hinting that Brexit contributed to racism she experienced.

While neither of them mentioned the word "Brexit" in their Netflix series which was released yesterday, Prince Harry said the couple started dating in 2016 (when the referendum took place) and hit out at news articles about Markle that had “racist undertones” as well as “outright racism”.

At one point, the Duke said the series is not “just about our story”, adding: “This has always been much bigger than us" while footage appears on screen showing a Brexit protest followed by Boris Johnson vowing to “take back control of this country”.

And in one episode, academic David Olusoga said that the couple’s “fairy tale” was “embedding itself in a nation that is having a pretty toxic debate about the European Union”.

It is fair to say all this really irked Farage who took to Twitter to rant about the show.

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He said the couple were relying on “extreme left-wing historians” and “fake news headlines”.

He added: “What they’re really saying, is that 52 per cent of Prince Harry’s country of birth are bad, racist people.”

"This is all about politics," he added and accused them of wanting to "make money" from "dissing the Royal Family".

"Their actions, their behaviour towards their family and everybody else - they're nothing short of despicable".

Farage is not the only person to be triggered by the documentary series. Piers Morgan said it was "worse than the Kardashians" and people have been upset by the way Markle reenacted her first curtsey.

The next three episodes drop on 15th December and we are sure they will stir up yet more drama.

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