JK Rowling's latest Harry Potter revelation has become a hilarious NSFW meme

Louis Staples
Monday 18 March 2019 10:00

Author JK Rowling is no stranger to revealing new details about the Harry Potter universe.

Though this time, perhaps, the legendary author might have taken things a little too far, if the latest round of memes are anything to go by.

Rowling revealed in an interview for the Blu-ray and DVD versions of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald that Albus Dumbledore and Grindelwald were in an “intense” relationship with a “sexual dimension”.

Amongst other things, Rowling has previously revealed that Dumbledore is gay, werewolf Remus Lupin was a metaphor for HIV and that Voldemort’s snake Nagini was actually a witch. Oh, and Hermione was apparently always supposed to be black too.

This time, fans weren’t happy that Rowling keeps retroactively inserting LGBT+ storylines, but excluded them from the books and films.

Though, sure enough, the memes started to flood in. Let’s just say they were… NSFW. People truly outdid themselves.

Though, all jokes and criticism aside, some people stuck up for the author, sensing good intentions.

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