Has Labour released a Katie Hopkins election T-shirt? Hell no it hasnt

One of the best parts of David Cameron and Ed Miliband's non-debate last week was how Twitter reacted - particularly when Katie Hopkins promised to leave the UK if Labour wins the election.

Now the party has capitalised on that promise, offering its activists the chance to buy a Katie Hopkins tweet-shirt.

Labour is getting increasingly savvy with its merchandise - the garment follows the release of an anti-immigration mug and a similar Hell yes! T-shirt, which carried an Ed Miliband quote on it.

12pm. Update: This story was an April Fools' Day joke - something we may have been too subtle about. Or too subtle for the Labour press office, who had a hard time denying it when asked by UsVsTh3m.

Just to confirm, we made this joke up without help from Labour.

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