Here are some people who will have to go on the government's 'foreign worker' list
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Home Secretary Amber Rudd faced a backlash on Wednesday when her speech about immigration at the Conservative party conference was accused of having racist overtones.

When she was challenged on her plans, which included forcing businesses to list their foreign workers, she defended herself:

Isn't that disgraceful really. The fact is, we should be able to have a conversation about immigration.

We should be able to have a conversation about what skills we want to have in the UK, where we need to go out of the UK in order to recruit them, in order to help businesses, in order to boost our economy.

However, her words do not change the fact that Theresa May’s plans to leave the EU embraces the kind of ‘hard Brexit’ policies many feared.

With that in mind, here are a few people and businesses May’s policies might expel:

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