Iain Duncan Smith will continue in his role as work and pensions secretary to oversee a planned £12bn in welfare cuts under the new Conservative majority government, David Cameron has announced.

The former leader of the party has been in the role since May2010.

Here are four ways in which he failed:

Universal Credit

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) promised to have one million people enrolled in Universal Credit, which combines up to six benefits into one, by April 2014.

However, following IT delays and criticisms of its implementation, only 14,000 people had been placed on the scheme by the target date and the latest promise is to have all job centres using the scheme by 2016.

A DWP whistleblower told Channel 4's Dispatches last year that the new system, which is supposed to save the government millions in reduced staff costs, is "completely unworkable", "badly designed" and "out of date".

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