How much faith European citizens have in their governments

Of seven European countries, France is the least satisfied with its leader, and Britain is the most satisfied, says an international YouGov poll.

David Cameron's Britain had the highest satisfaction, with 35 per cent approving of the government's record to date - but half of the people asked overall actually disapproved of his leadership.

Meanwhile, Francois Hollande's France was the least satisfied, with just 14 per cent said they approved of the government's record to date, and three quarters disapproved.

Charting the tracker poll over the the last couple of years we can see that trust France's governmental approval has been low for years, whereas the UK coalition was seeing a steady increase in approval up to the point of the election.

Britain, overall, does not think of itself as influential in European affairs. When asked if they agreed with the assessment that the UK was 'influential in European affairs' 29 per cent agreed and 39 per cent disagreed.

YouGov also measured the optimism of member states for the future of the EU. Optimism, subtracted by lack of optimism, looks like this:

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