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Your political affiliations can say a lot more about you than your stance on the ideal economic system.

Joe Twyman, head of political and social research at YouGov, has shared some of the research that went into his books, Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box volumes one and two.

He looked at the relationship between sex and political affiliations, and he made some very interesting findings:

Sexual fantasies

  • Conservative supporters fantasise about having sex with a sports star
  • Lib Dem supporters fantasise about having sex with someone of a different ethnicity, bondage, and sex with a transgender person
  • Ukip supporters fantasise about using a vibrator or dildo
  • Labour supporters want sex outdoors, sex with a stranger, and role play

Twyman states:

I found the fact that Conservatives were, relatively speaking at least, conservative with their sexual fantasies really interesting. As were Ukippers. On the left Labour and the Lib Dems had a far longer list.

Sexual satisfaction

Twyman writes:

Conservatives and UKIP supporters had the highest levels of sexual happiness, above the national average, while Labour, Lib Dem and supporters of other parties were lower. However, there was little in the way of meaningful differences between the groups.

Twyman got it results using a number of surveys, you can read more about his process here.

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