British wildlife park shares footage of its own 'human bears' in defence of Chinese zoo

British wildlife park shares footage of its own 'human bears' in defence of Chinese zoo
UK wildlife park shares 'natural behaviour' of sun bear standing on hind …

There’s been another update in the “human bear” story, after a British wildlife park shared footage of its own animals in defence of the Chinese zoo at the centre of the controversy.

In case you missed it, the drama surrounding “Beargate” has been unfolding over recent days and causing a big stir online.

Hangzhou Zoo in China was recently forced to deny that one of their animals is actually a person in a costume. The bear in question, which goes by the name Angela, was seen standing on its hind legs much like a human would and waving at guests.

The zoo was forced to release a statement saying: “Some people think I stand like a person. It seems you don’t understand me very well.”

“If a person did wear a bear costume, they would be lying down within minutes due to the heat,” they added.

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Now, Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire has posted footage of one of their own sun bears, named Kyra, and said that standing on their hind legs was “normal”.

Paradise Wildlife Park

In the caption, the park added: "We can confirm that Kyra is a sun bear. Sun bears might look human when they stand, but they actually have the natural behaviour of standing on their hind feet."

Sun bears are the smallest in the world and the largest only measure 50 inches tall when standing on their hind legs.

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