India’s Supreme Court has accused state governments of “passing the buck” on air pollution as Delhi residents take to social media to share pictures of the thick shroud of pollution surrounding the city.

Levels of dangerous particles in the air, referred to as MP2.5 are ten times over the safe limits in the capital, prompting people to wear masks and stay in their homes.

"Delhi is choking every year and we are unable to do anything," said Supreme Court Justice Arun Mishra.

The state machinery is not acting… They are passing the buck to each other... Everybody is interested in gimmicks and elections.

Officials said from 4 to 15 November cars with odd or even number plates will only be allowed on the roads on alternative days, though it is not clear if this actually helps lower pollution levels.

Indians have taken to sharing pictures of the pollution on Twitter in an attempt to raise awareness.

They are calling on their government to do more to reduce pollution.

"This is hazardous air pollution".

People are reporting that their eyes feel like they are "burning".

And they developed headaches due to the pollution.

Severe air pollution kills tens of thousands of people each year, including 40,000 in the UK alone according to a report from 2016 which assessed the impact air pollution has on public health.

It is also linked to a host of illnesses including dementia, type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and a decline in lung function in adults.

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