Infowars reporter puts mic in the face of young girl - doesn't expect this


Infowars, the right-wing conspiracy website run by Alex Jones, has become a more recognisable name in the months since Donald Trump entered the White House.

Jones, who hosts a lengthy talk show on the site and sells a variety of protein shakes and 'tactical wipes', regularly covers topics such as the Sandy Hook massacre and his outrage with the 'liberal left'

They also employ commentator Paul Joseph Watson, who produces videos on Muslims, Antifa and celebrities who have annoyed him that week.

The site is vilified by the left as much as it is celebrated by those on the far-right, so any time someone gets one over on them, it tends to go viral.

The latest example is a video of a young girl who told Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer that he was a "f**king idiot.

Shroyer responded to the video with a tweet:

Many on Twitter had little sympathy for Shroyer, and told him as much:

There was however, plenty of love for the girl, who has so far remained anonymous:

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