A Iowa man has tried to defend his "right" to paint swastikas and Confederate flags all around his house, for children in the school next door to see.

He has literally painted the symbols on a bunch of palettes and essentially created a fence around his house, and claims it's "not racist".

Yes, really.

The school has condemned his behaviour, and is especially concerned as 60 per cent of the pupils are not white.

Stark said that the only reason anyone would be offended is if they "don't know their history".

It's a confusing response given that swastikas are of course the symbol of Nazis and the Confederate flag is commonly used to symbolise white supremacy. Both associations stem from two of the biggest conflicts in history – the Second World War and the American Civil War.

We have no idea what history Stark is referring to but it doesn't seem like a lot to ask to keep the racist paraphernalia in the house, rather than in the sightline of small children just trying to go to school.

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